Little Big are musical e-books for toddlers! Every story celebrates their delight in life, passion for discovery, and brave baby steps toward mastery of their world. Artist Anne Baird, and composer/musicians, Allison McCready and Cary Beare adore toddlers, and teamed up to produce Little Big’s first e-books for them. There are five ebooks in the collection. The first two books, POTTY PARTY and MOON MOON, can be purchased and downloaded right now through iBooks (Apple), Kindle (Amazon), Kobo, or Nook (Barnes & Noble.) Anne Baird is an award-winning, self-taught artist. A former teacher and school administrator, she’s the author/illustrator of 11 children’s books, published by William Morrow and Simon & Schuster, and inspired by the antics of her children, grandchildren, and many students. Her new creative partnership with musicians Allison McCready and Cary Beare, has enhanced her delight in creating joyous books for the very young! The Little Big Books collection, of which Potty Party is the first, is the result of their fruitful collaboration. Allison McCready and Cary Beare are a highly successful singer/songwriting team from Los Angeles, with years of professional credits under their belt. They perform together as Joopiter Moon. Their latest musical endeavor has been writing children’s music. Potty Party, created at the request of Cary’s sister, who begged for a song to help her potty train her daughter, is the first of the five-book Little Big Books collection. Moon Moon, Blankie, Sunflower and Teeny Green will soon follow. MOON MOON, BLANKIE, SUNFLOWER and TEENY GREEN will soon be available. In the meantime, take a look at their previews on the Preview Page! Purchase POTTY PARTY here! At present, it is the only Little Big book configured to allow it to download to mobile devices as well as computers. It can be purchased and downloaded right now through iBooks (Apple), Kindle (Amazon), Kobo, or Nook (Barnes & Noble.) The Nook version is a read-aloud book only, as their website is not configured to accept our musical videos at this time.
BIG ideas for little people
Little Big Books

SUNFLOWER explores the life cycle through the life of a toddler’s sunflower. Nothing you love and care for is ever really lost.

TEENY GREEN is about a toddler who enjoys a secret pet in a pet-free zone. How to work with what you've got.

MOON MOON is a lullaby book about a toddler’s  imaginative flight to the moon and back home again.Big dreams are important at any age!

BLANKIE affirms a feisty toddler who won’t give up her blankie until she’s ready. You need to know when the time is right!

POTTY PARTY is a musical/visual romp about a reluctant potty trainee who learns to think of pooping in the potty as a party! Mastery of a basic life skill. Yippee!


That’s what Little Big Books are all about.


Each book, while whimsical and fun, carries an important idea.